New Year, New Beginnings

Wow! Has it been another year? Crazy! Happy 2014 everyone! I hope you all had lots of fun! Grant and I stayed in and played battleship and watched the ball drop from our living room! Since my parents were out of town- it was just us two! It was fun to play it low-key:) 

Seems like yesterday I wrote last year's New Years post! 2013 was absolutely amazing! It was a bit rocky in the beginning but it has ended up being pretty fabulous! I was married, Kinley turned one, and now she is old enough for nursery at church! 

Well, last year's resolution was a pretty profound and difficult one to accomplish! I challenged myself to overcome anger and resentment I had towards Kinley's birthfather. Have I overcome it 100%? No, but I would say I have improved 100% compared to where I was at a year ago. I have had a lot of closure in that department and I think it has all improved as much as it can for right now. Will I always have a tiny ounce of sadness when I think of all the memories of the past? of course, but forgiving doesn't always mean forgetting, it means learning and moving on. I will NEVER forget how I was treated or how I feel, but I CAN choose to not let it  define me or my emotions. And I think I have come to that point in my journey. Yeah, it stings a bit when I think about it, but I don't obsess my thoughts about it anymore, and I have learned to direct my attention to the positive aspects of my adoption. In all honesty, there a LOT more positives in my journey than bad! I am proud to say that I have accomplished my 2013 new years resolution! It was one of the hardest things I have ever done! Training your brain, heart, and emotions to do something is no simple task.

Now, I have thought long and hard about what I want this year's resolution to be. And I think I have narrowed it down. It's not as huge and challenging as last year's, but it is huge and important to me. I want to continue to grow and cultivate the relationship I have with Kinley's mom. We have always had a great relationship, I can't think of a time we really ever had a rough going, but I want to develop a friendship and sisterhood that is amazing. Don't get me wrong, what we have is amazing, but I want to make it that much more amazing.

I believe that with a strong bond between Nicole and I, it will be something amazing for Kinley to witness. Kinley will know that we all love each other and that adoption can and is an amazing thing. She will not only be surrounded with love in her own family, but also her birth family.

I hope for my relationship with Nicole to be like best friends or sisters. It already is like that sometimes, but I guess I would love for it to be a deep relationship. I love her and care for her so mush as it is. She is amazing and is such a great mother to her girls! Nicole has had to overcome a lot of obstacles herself, and I admire her strength and beauty!

I can't wait for what 2014 has in store! I'm hoping to keep my blogging up and I'm also wanting to have some guest posters! If you are interested in guest posting, please let me know via email (in the about me section) or comments! You don't have to be birth mothers, you can be adoptive parents, adoptees, or someone who has been touched by adoption!

Happy New Years to you, my amazing readers! 

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