Toby and Nicole are Hoping to Adopt

That's right, they are! And I couldn't be happier for them!

As some of you may know, LDS Family Services (LDSFS) has recently changed their dynamics. They will no longer serve as an agency, but rather a place for birthmothers to find couples and then be referred to other agencies for all of the legal stuff. One thing I've loved about LDSFS is that their fees are low for hopeful adoptive couples and it served as a very helpful agency. For me, I loved knowing my baby was going to a worthy LDS couple. Anyways, with all that said, couples who are already on the website ready to adopt have until the end of the year to be matched or else they need to find a new agency. For lots of couples, this puts a financial burden on them. Most agencies are a lot more expensive than LDSFS.

Sooooo to the point of this post! Toby and Nicole don't think they will be able to adopt using another agency and I have taken it upon myself to help promote them and get their profile out to the public so they can hopefully be matched by the end of the year! I thought my blog would be a great resource knowing that it reaches many viewers, some being expectant mothers looking into adoption.

If you click HERE, It will take you to their profile on the It's About Love website.

Toby and Nicole are amazing parents. They love adoption and especially love birth parents- I would know. Adoption is not easy for any side, but they have made it an enjoyable journey. They are honest, thoughtful, they keep their commitments they have made in our open adoption, and they go out of their way to make things special. I really could go on. Throughout my blog posts, I can't even convey 100% how awesome they are!

If you could do me and them a favor and share this blog post or the link to their adoption profile, that would be awesome! Its crazy how far just word-of-mouth can spread! I am so excited for them to grow their cute family and especially excited Kinley may get to be a big sister!

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