Gave Love, Gave Life, But Never Gave Up

I'm joining Birth Mother Baskets (BMB) in their #Placed campaign to erase the "Gave Up" stigma that seems to be used! I was so excited when I heard about this campaign! I hear too often people use the term "give up" when talking about what birth mothers do. For example, "I bet it was hard to 'give up' your baby." or "That is so brave of you to 'give away your baby'." Most of the time I here this from people who are unfamiliar with the correct adoption terminology. Also, "give up" was the term people used back in "the day."

The correct term is PLACED! I didn't "give up" or "give away" Kinley, I PLACED her! You give up soda and junk food for your new years resolution. I PLACED Kinley in the loving arms of a family. You give away old worn out clothes that don't fit anymore, I PLACED Kinley in a stable and safe environment.

I cringe when I hear people use the term "give up." It sounds…just…blech.

I will admit, I used that term a few times when I was first pregnant. Not because I felt like I was "giving" my child away, but because I didn't know what word to use! I HATED that term but had no idea what the alternative was. But after a few counseling sessions, I caught on to what my case worker was referring to it as. I totally understand that it can be a tricky thing to word. Especially when you are unfamiliar with the "adoption jargon." So lucky you, I am here to inform and educate you that PLACED is the correct terminology!

Birth mothers don't "give up" their babies- that's what you do with an old pair of shoes.
Birth mothers spent countless hours thinking, praying, and crying(lots of crying) preparing to PLACE their children in amazing families!

Gave love, gave life, but never gave up.

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