Meeting Toby & Nicole for the 1st Time

I thought it would be fun to share when I met Toby, Nicole, and Taylee in person!

After a month or so of emailing back and forth, we decided to actually meet in person! I was so excited and nervous at the same time! I was excited to actually have faces (other than pictures) to go with the emails! We made plans to meet the weekend of Cinco de Mayo.

The weeks and days leading up to the meeting seemed like they went on forever!! I couldn't  wait to meet the family of my daughter! I was nervous because I didn't know what it would be like! I was having so many thoughts go through my head! What if I don't like them? What if they are bored? What if they change their minds? I had so many mixed emotions!

We planned to meet at the office with Chelsea to have a meeting about the level of openness the adoption was going to be and to agree on those things. My mom and sister, Charnae came with me to the whole meeting. We talked for a good hour or so about the openness and they agreed to everything I wanted.

These are some of the terms we agreed on:

  • pictures and emails at least once a week
  • visits at least every 3 months
  • openness to more visits
  • openness to more pictures and emails
  • able to send gifts 
  • phone calls and video chatting
  • being apart of big events (blessings, firsts, graduations, weddings, etc)
As you can see- my adoption experience is VERY open. If i wasn't able to have these things, I would have chosen a different couple. Toby and Nicole were more than happy to agree with these terms and so understanding as to why I wanted it to be so open and why I want to be involved in her life!

After the meeting, we all went to to down town Grand junction and walked the little main street there. We went to Enstrom's Chocolate, looked at some of the little boutiques, and we ate at Pablo's Pizza! We talked about so much stuff! Mostly get-to-know you type things, but mostly it was so great to observe them and see what type of people they were. I mean- they ARE going to be my baby girl's family. My mom and sister had to leave early, so it was just me, Toby, Nicole, and Taylee. We finished up eating and we walked up the other side of Main Street. 

Me and Nicole

Toby, Nicole, Taylee (not in the mood for a picture hehe), and me!

This one is my favorite! Taylee feeling her new baby sister:)

After we got done on Main Street, we went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream! we talked for a few more hours! It was so great to talk to them! I can't even begin to tell you what we talked about because we talked about so much! At 10pm, we finally had to pry ourselves away from each other and say our goodbyes. I didn't want to say goodbye! I was having such a great time! It was weird to say "bye, see ya when Kinley gets here"! 

From that time on I knew they were the family for Kinley. One thing I remember most was the way Nicole interacted with Taylee. She was so patient, loving, and caring. I could sense that just from the 1 day we spent with them. Both Toby and Nicole showed me that they were the best parents in just that short amount of time! That visit couldn't have gone any smoother. 

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