The past 7 months part one

As you may have noticed- I changed the name of my blog and also the URL. I wanted the name and URL to match and the Forever in our hearts address was already taken (sad face). So to make a long story short- I changed it to A Moment In My Arms, Forever In My Heart. Still incorporating the Forever In Our Hearts part:)

Alright- now that I've told my pregnancy & placing journey- I can now get up to date on all my visits and what not!

Kinley will be 7 months old on the 7th!!! I can't even believe it! Looking back, time has flown by so much! There have been lots of times it has seemed like time has stood still- but in general, time has flown out the window and my once 6 lbs 8oz peanut is now just over 16lbs and pretty much crawling!

After the placing, Kinley and her new family had to stay in Colorado until all the adoption paper work went through Denver and then to Salt Lake and back. It took 2 weeks! It worked out to my advantage because they were staying at a hotel down the street and they let me come visit her almost everyday! I am so thankful they were so welcoming! It really helped the first couple weeks being able to see her and see her in her new family element.

 By the end of the 2 weeks, I was so ready for them to leave back to Utah. Not because I'm heartless or anything, it was just hard knowing my daughter was 5 minutes away and I was always worried I would see them in public. It was just hard! They got the call to be able to go home so they came over to my house and we said our goodbyes. It was definitely not as hard as the initial placement, but my heart was being tugged because I knew i couldn't just drive down the street to go see her anymore!

At the beginning of August, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to live with my sister for a fresh start. I wanted to get away from the place I was pregnant and also away from the possibility to run into the birth dad and his fiance. I wanted to reestablish myself and just be a whole new me! It was so fun o live my sister, Jaala. It helped my get my mind off of everything and also grow closer to my sister and brother in law.

The weekend I moved to Las Vegas, Kinley turned 1 month old! My parents and sisters were with me so we made cupcakes and celebrated! It may sound silly to- but I had so much fun celebrating! The picture at the top is the picture Nicole sent me that morning!

In September, my sister, Jaala, and I got the opportunity to go to the Brigham City, Utah Temple open house. A temple open house is when a temple has been newly built and they open it up to the public to walk through and see what it looks like. They do this before it is dedicated...When a temple is dedicated, only temple recommend holders are allowed in because of the holiness and sacredness of the temple. Since we were in Utah, Toby and Nicole were willing to let us meet up with them at Temple Square and see Kinley and visit!  I was so grateful for this because I was missing Kinley so much! The week prior, I stayed up every night sobbing and missing my baby girl. 

My sister and me in front of the temple
She had grow up so fast since I saw her last
The sun was shining in her eyes so she wouldn't open them
This is one of my favorite pictures!
I think Kinley is mustering up an evil plan

staring at auntie Jaala

At every visit we try to get a a picture of Nicole and me
Can I just say I love technology?? One of my favorites has been the ability to Skype and FaceTime with Nicole and Toby! Pictures and emails are awesome- but being able to talk in real time is so great! It's the closest thing to an actual visit

I'm splitting this post into two posts because then it would be like a novel and that wouldn't be fun! My next visit was in December and that will be a pretty long post so stay tuned for more:) 

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  1. It is so amazing how you and your adoptive family have a loving relationship. It only benefits Kinley and that is what adoption is truly about.