The Past 7 Months part 2

One small mistake on the last post- I had one more visit before Christmas! It was in the end of September! I went to Utah to meet my boyfriend's family and Nicole and Toby were happy to fit in a visit! We met at Temple Square again! They didn't want Grant, my boyfriend, to meet Kinley yet, just so that she wasn't being introduced to so many random guys. Totally understandable and I'm grateful that they are so protective of her! I got to temple square and I was so anxious to see them. I showed up way early because I was so excited. We met outside by the reflecting pool and when they lifted the cover of Kinley's car seat there she was...greeting me with the biggest. My heart melted. this was the first time I had ever seen her smile, other than pictures. Man I love that girl so much! We went inside the Joseph Smith Building and visited and played with Kinley.

I absolutely love this picture! Nicole and Toby always catch the great candid moments
This smile is what greeted me when I first saw her! Melts my heart!
Birth mama and birth daughter
her legs were so long and skinny! Kind of like a chicken! 
Another facial expression that melts my heart. A sleeping princess. 
Kinley 4 months old!

Kinley 5 months old

The next visit was on Dec. 23rd. This was the longest I had ever gone without seeing my peanut. that 3 months was the hardest 3 months ever! I missed Kinley so much and I wanted to hold her and touch her soft skin. Her adoption was final a week or so previous and The LDS church has a tradition where babies are blessed. Kind of like a dedication in other religions. Toby couldn't bless her until the adoption was final so they did this shortly after. A baby's blessing is a mile stone in the LDS religion and family usually comes to watch and support. Toby and Nicole invited me to come to it and they allowed Grant to come because we had gotten engaged a few months earlier. I was so excited. I got to be in the same place as the 2 people I loved the most in the world. My mom and sister, Jaala, came as well. We walked into the church and I B-lined it to Kinley and her family. I hadn't seen her in 3 months! Tears streamed down my face! She looked so beautiful in all white! I was over come with so much happiness and peace! Kinley was supposed to be with the C family.

Another reason this visit was so special was because Toby and Nicole's parents and siblings were there. I had never met their family before and it was so amazing to feel welcomed by their family. It gave me such peace of mind knowing the C family was comfortable enough to have me meet their extended family. I first met Toby's dad, who is also the bishop of their ward. He gave me the biggest hug and whispered in my ear 'Thank you for Kinley. Our family is so happy and complete'. Him and I started crying. I can't tell you how amazing that moment was. It really hit me that I didn't just complete the C family, but I gave their parents a grand daughter, their brothers and sisters a niece and their nieces and nephews a cousin. I preceded down the line and met Toby's mom, brothers, sisters, Nicole's mom and dad, who also gave me huge tight hugs and lots of gratitude, and then also I met Nicole's siblings. I couldn't tell you any of their names and nor could I ever recognize them in public if I ever was in their presence, but all I can say is that I loved all of them! I made sure I gave them a hug instead of a hand shake. I have to love them, they love my kin as their own, and for that, I love them dearly.  It was so fun to hold Kinley during the church meeting. Even though she slept most of the way through it, I loved having her in my arms. The blessing, that Toby gave her was beautiful. I thought I would be so sad that she no longer had my last name, but instead I felt so much peace. Her new last name fits her better than Gladden, I thought. Listening to his blessing to his and Nicole's daughter was nothing but happiness. I mean, it always tugs at my heart that I can't be Kinley's mom, but I couldn't have picked two better people to fill in my spot.
Can you see why I started bawling when I saw her? she had grown SO much in that 3 months!

I love those lips

My sister, Jaala, and baby K:)

My mom and Kinley

The C family and I
The new and improved C family

My two favorite ladies

Gahh that face!:)

After church, they invited us to come over to their parent's house. My mom and sister had to get back to Colorado, so just Grant and I went. We just went over and spent more time visiting and Grant and I spoiled her with Christmas presents. That weekend was probably the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. I had so much happiness. And I was so grateful Toby and Nicole were so open and welcoming us into their family and their private home!

She enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the actual presents

Birth mom and Birth daughter again

Favorite pic! 

she fell asleep

and woke up still happy
I love elephants so I got her a Dumbo stuffed animal when I went to Disneyland 
she insists on eating her feet!

I think she kind of looks like Yoda here hehe

My mom made Taylee some PJ pants and we got her a sister shirt!
This was a week before my visit at the court house getting all legal! AKA Kinley's 'Gotcha day'

this was a few days after our visit when Nicole and Toby went to the temple and Kinley was sealed to them  and they became an eternal family 
Nicole Face Timed me so I could watch Kinley eat baby food for the first time! It was so cool to be able to experience that with them!

Kinley 6 months old

Kinley's 6 month mile marker is significant because it is also my birthday! I love that we can share half birthdays:) It's crazy to think the next 6 month mile marker is her 1st birthday and my 20 1/2 birthday!

Kinley 7 months
So crazy that she can sit up!

The next time I saw them was just a couple weeks ago! I was in Utah because I went through the temple for the first time and like always, Nicole and Toby were willing to meet up with Grant and I at Temple Square. It was a short visit because we were on our way out of town and they were on their way to a super bowl get together. I didn't care though, as long as I got to hold my pretty girl! She had learned to scoot a week or so previous, so it was fun to have her army crawl to me! And of course, I loved having Grant there to share this happy time.
Love that girl so much!

I love that Grant can love her also:)


One big happy family
 I have said time and time again how grateful I am for having such a great adoption! I am so grateful for the C family and their understanding of how much I love Kinley and how open they are for me to come see her as often! I am also so happy with how they are always a text or phone call away! Here are some other pictures I've received over the past little while!

I sent her a Valentines day care package with a bunny that I recorded my voice in. It said "Happy Valentines day pretty girl! I love and miss you so much" They sent me pics of her opening it

Future model

Big girl learned to crawl
In about a week she will be turning 8 months! Time flies so much! I love her so much and I cant wait till I get to see her again! Which will probably be in April:)

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