Walking the Talk

As most know, one of the biggest struggles in "birth motherhood", for me, has been birth dad issues. They have also been one of my top goals for overcoming. I have been working very very hard to jump these hurdles. I feel I have come a long way. I can't say I have zero anger, but it's very minuscule to what it was before.

Ever since my own daughter, Allie, was born, her relationship with her dad (my husband) has been very important to me. It's important for her to know him and have a relationship with him. It has gotten me to thinking about Kinley and the lack of a relationship she has with J. It makes me sad for her. I want her to at least know what he looks like and what his childhood was like. 

I sometimes feel guilty that maybe I haven't been doing my part in letting J have a part in this adoption. I know that's not true, but it's just how I feel sometimes. J refused to be a part of the adoption early on, so I have just gotten used to him not being apart of things. I haven't been intentionally keeping him out or refusing him anything. I really just haven't heard from him in a good 2 years. 

A few months ago, I told myself that if he ever came asking about her, I would be of help in sending a picture and a little update about her. That wouldn't hurt anyone. He deserves at least a picture. More importantly, Kinley has every right to know at least a little bit about where her other half of genes come from. I know that there will most likely come a time in Kinley's life when she will question  things and feel a need to discover her biological identity. And I don't want to stand in the way of that. 

Well, life has a way of making sure you keep your word and making sure you don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Around Christmas time, I received an email from him with a "how are you? Can I see a picture of Kinley?" I gave it a few days to roll around in my brain before I replied with something I didn't mean. My mom suggested I talk to Toby and Nicole before sending anything, since they ARE her parents and they have the ultimate say in everything. They agreed to me sending him a recent picture in exchange for a recent picture of J and a little biography about him so that Kinley can know about him. It's been a few weeks with no reply, but I feel peace and comfort knowing I have done my part in helping both J and Kinley out. 

Will there become a relationship that comes out of it right away? Probably not. But there is at least a small passage way formed for Kinley. I don't and will never know the emotions and struggles Kinley will have as she gets older, and I hope by opening this door, it may help ease them.

It was hard to put my own issues aside and put Kinley's best interest first, but sometimes growth and maturity need a little bit of pain to make progress. And for that, I am proud of myself.

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